Fuck No, Hugo Schwyzer
Hugo & racism


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Yes, a man, can clearly tell a bunch of women what our own equality looks like.

I’ll bet he thinks he knows what racism is like, too.

He does know what racism is like! Here, let me quote you some of his knowledge of what racism looks like:

The names of many young men — particularly young Chinese from Hong Kong — are often rather touchingly quaint. This summer, I have — these are first names, mind you — a “Fitzgerald”; a “Woodrow”; three “Benedicts” (my middle name); two “Henrys”; one “Maxwell”; and, my favorite, one “Colfax.” It sounds like a parody of the membership roster of my grandfather’s fraternity, circa 1926! And at the risk of sounding horribly classist, it strikes me as a rather naive attempt to deliberately appropriate WASP cache. Imagine all of these parents, newly immigrated, working long hours to clothe young “Winston Wilberforce Chan” in what television has led them to believe is the outfit of success: polo shirts and chinos with shiny penny loafers. From the perspective of someone who grew up in WASP country-club culture, this sincere attempt at imitation strikes me as, at the least, oddly misplaced!

Not convinced yet of his incredible knowledge of racism? Here’s another one:

My other student, “Yesenia”, comes from a Hispanic background, and has a new, Salvadoran-born boyfriend. Without belaboring the point, her story is essentially the same: her new guy wants her to stop chatting with other men and to wear less revealing clothing. Yesenia came to see me last Thursday; Lori came by yesterday. Former students in my women’s history class, each wanted my advice on what was essentially the same issue.

I mention the ethnicity of the folks involved because there seems to be such a clear cultural component to seeing jealousy as acceptable. No, I’m not trying to reinforce a stereotype of Latins or Middle Easterners as particularly “hot-blooded” and thus more prone to misogynstic fits of green-eyed rage than “calm” WASPs. But it’s clear that certain ethnic groups — in this case, Armenians and Salvadorans — are more willing than others to associate male jealousy with evidence of love and care.

in case you needed any more evidence of hugo’s schwyzer’s racism.

omg wtf did I just read

ugh ugh ugh


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    any case you needed any more evidence of hugo’s schwyzer’s racism.
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