Fuck No, Hugo Schwyzer
Hugo just got arrested for felony DUI last Friday for colliding with another car while on Klonapin. The (female) driver was seriously injured and had to be airlifted to hospital but is recovering. Hugo is out of the San Benito county jail on $100K bail. He posted all this to his blog today and then deleted it, replacing it with yet another farewell and a weird poem. Others may have screen captures or caches.

This is all true. Redlightpolitics has more info here.

If only there were some way of telling if nearly murdering women was some kind of trend with him….. hmm.


Remember when he got all huffy and indignant over a female colleague warning his students about his predatory behavior

this is for the anon who asked if Schwyzer was still teaching at PCC, and the anon who said he was still sleeping with his students. You were right. It looks like he is going to be fired, although he’s gotten away with this predatory behavior in the past.

This kind of information is super important. There has been a lot of talk from schwyzer’s apologists that he isn’t dangerous anymore. This proves that he absolutely is. 

Hugo Schwyzer isn't telling the whole truth. Last semester at PCC, I kept seeing "Hugo Schwyzer fucked me and I liked it" written on the women's bathroom stalls of building C (where his office and classrooms are located). He never stopped having sex with students.
I'm a student at his college and I was planning on taking a history class from him in a few weeks that I really need to transfer anyways do you know if he's been fired ? I was scared about being put behind on my education now I'm scared of dealing with him considering I'm a female WoC

He’s stated on twitter that he’s going to continue teaching history courses, but he’s taking a leave of absence from work - I haven’t seen any info on for how long or what that entails. I strongly suspect he has not and will not be fired, given that his faculty have stood by him in the face of really awful shit in the past.

I’ve received a bunch of asks, almost all anons, since Hugo’s massive twitter meltdown a few days ago. I wish I could be a more reliable source for information, but frankly, I can’t. There are a lot of people who have been covering this whole situation better than I could, and frankly I don’t really intend on reviving this blog - not because I don’t still think Hugo Schwyzer’s racist, abusive ass doesn’t still need to be nailed to a fucking wall, but because I’m just not capable of keeping up with every horrible thing he does without it being really detrimental to my mental health. 

I am honestly really sorry. I think there is a need to continue talking about Hugo and his continuing awfulness, his continued racism, the white women professional feminists who continue to enable and make excuses for him, whether or not he is an immediate danger to anyone - I just don’t feel like I’m capable of facilitating those discussions. Sorry.

I've been reading stuff that insults Hugo Schwyzer, but I can't seem to find anything that actually says why he's a douche/jerk/whateverface, could you please tell me why he's so bad?

this blog is pretty much dead but whatever

there’s a lot more, to be honest. These things aren’t hard to find. I have a hard time buying that you can’t find ANYTHING telling you why he’s “so bad” - the man is an admitted rapist, attempted murderer, he’s openly racist, women (especially women of colour) have wanted him out of feminist spaces for years and faced shit from the famous white Feminists that he hides behind (at xojane and Jezebel, for example) - all of it is literally there in the articles that he himself writes. He’s open about it. And because he couches it in buzzwords, because he’s a wealthy white man with the sheen of being a Professor Of Feminism to him, because he picks his women feminist allies carefully (ingratiating himself with other professional white people and shunning women of colour), he’s spent years profiting - as in, making an EXTREMELY comfortable living - as a high-profile professional Feminist. 

Hugo Schwyzer is not only a disgusting rapist, a violent misogynist, and an open rapist, but his success within professional Feminist circles highlights a lot of the deep and systemic problems with white, upper/middle-class feminist spaces where there is money to be had in writing 101-level articles about sexism. These spaces are often the first places women come to when trying to connect with basic info about feminism as a movement, and so his presence and the issues that allow him to remain a prominent professional Feminist are really alienating and even damaging to young women trying to self-educate about movements that really should be about their own struggles and liberation. 

And that’s why Hugo Schwyzer is so bad. He’s a rapist and abuser who uses systemic racism, classism and misogyny to get ahead over the backs of women, particularly women of colour. And if you saw all those things in your search but decided that they weren’t enough proof, then you probably also have a lot of sexist, racist views.

now back to this blog being dead, there were always a bunch of issues with it and personally I don’t feel like I’m the one to fix them, for a lot of reasons. Goodbye friends I am gone.


Relevant Magazine, Hugo Schwyzer, and a thing called grace «

I spent last night in an impassioned Twitter discussion about the recent Relevant Magazine article, and how uncomfortable it made me feel. Several of my Twitter friends joined in to express their discomfort as well.

And as we talked about how nervous Schwyzer made us…

Schwyzer tried to follow some of us on Twitter.

He even “favorited” a tweet of mine in which I was talking about how uncomfortable he made me. It was as if he was saying, “I’m watching you. I see what you’re saying about me. I see how I’m making you feel. And I like it.”

I had a panic attack upon seeing that he’d favorited my tweet, and I cried for about 20 minutes.

And I still wonder, why? Why would a man who has completely changed “favorite” a tweet by a woman that felt uncomfortable reading his articles? Why would a man who no longer wants to hurt women attempt to force his online presence upon women who clearly did not want that presence?

The answer is, he wouldn’t.

Hugo Schwyzer may not be trying to murder women anymore. But he is still deliberately attempting to make them feel uncomfortable. He is still relishing their discomfort. Admitting, via Twitter, that seeing these feelings in women is a “favorite” of his.

As much as I would like to never hear or think of this shitbag again, he’s still out there, still up to his same old shit.

Contact info for Relevant Magazine is feedback@relevantmagazine.com.


One of the most informative and useful posts I’ve read about Hugo Schwyzer

Are Women Human? explores the implications and problems of defenses used to guard Hugo Schwyzer’s position in feminist circles. She also places emphasis on his present actions, demonstrating that Schwyzer is an ongoing threat. An excerpt:

… The discussion about which men belong in feminism is allowing people to abstract the conversation from what Schwyzer actually did, not just before his “transformation,” but in recent years – in recent months! – and why it’s dangerous. It’s turning it into this theoretical discussion about parameters for letting people into feminism – which is a related but separate discussion from how feminists should deal with a case where there is a demonstrated pattern of abusive behavior from someone in the community. It distracts from discussions of concrete actions and their implications.

Talking about the presence of “darkness and light” in “all of us” obscures the fact that this one specific person has engaged in abusive and predatory behavior and lied about it. Not “all of us,” Hugo Schwyzer. And a community dedicated to social justice needs to address questions of accountability for perpetrators and justice for their victims – not implicitly paint the abuse as something anyone could do. Accountability doesn’t look like lying about trying to kill someone. Remorse and amends doesn’t look like making money off of a history of abuse and predation – without the consent of the people whom you have harmed – or soft-pedaling this behavior as “what many addicts do” (no, actually, many addicts manage to not try to kill people while high), as “age-appropriate” and “less overtly predatory” than it could have been, etc. Remorse doesn’t look like comparing the near killing of a human being to the unwitting neglect of an animal.

The whole thing is great. Read it!

Most female-specific stereotypes are based in the universal fear of an unbridled and autonomous female sexuality. For women on welfare, this is complicated by their assumed undesirability and dependency on a patriarchal state economic system as well as the physical and material ways that poverty and working class lifestyles are visible on the body. Women on welfare are perceived and discriminated against in terms of their sexual activity and their body image. It is assumed that loose sexual morals or deviant desires placed them in the shameful status of poor; but not just poor—poor women that no man wants or that men only want for one thing.

As a teenage girl from a welfare family I automatically was labeled as SLUT, actually long before I was a teenager, by the time I was nine. There are two kinds of girls, those you marry and those you don’t—if you are poor you are a don’t. My sexuality was named and positioned before I was sexual. Adults were constantly deciding that their sons and daughters were not allowed to be around me and especially not allowed in my house/apartment (whatever it happened to be that month)…

I have also been noting how the assumptions of ignorance particularly diminish poor women and the incredible brilliance they operate in. Stupid girls make easy girls.

—Tammy Rae Carland, “Reflections of a Stupid Slut” (from I <3 Amy Carter)

Dear Hugo Schwyzer,

Poverty does not make girls, as you say, hypsersexualized, competitive, and promiscuous. Being poor (or being nonwhite) makes rich, white, sexist men project their own feelings about the availability and worth of poor and nonwhite women onto their bodies in order to justify abusing them.

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“I’m against rape culture but I’m sticking by Professor Feminism.”


regarding this. (clarisse at feministe making a post to tons of links about transformative justice).

i don’t even know what to say any more.i don’t know how to explain that post made me sorta want to throw up how she had that big old fucking link to incite! up top with no context, no explaining how she found this group, no reference at all to her *learning*—she’s somehow inadvertantly become the “teacher”—the *expert*—again….

never in *conversation*. always the expert, the teacher. even when they’re wrong.

(bolding mine)

Not explicitly Schwyzer-related, but relevant as:

1. Clarisse Thorne has been one of Hugo’s most ardent defenders, and

2. This is the way she positions herself as an expert over women of colour, while appropriating their work in order to make herself SEEM like said expert, which

3. Is basically Hugo Schwyzer’s approach to feminism as well.

4. And the approach of many other professional/”career” Feminists, and the culture of which Hugo Schwyzer is a natural byproduct. Like, you know… the shit of the giant colon that is such Feminism. Or something.